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RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. These are the keywords describing the new S/S 2020 OXYDE collection.

The new OXYDE collection is entirely made using REPREVE, a fabric obtained recycling plastic bottles picked up from more than 5.000 beaches all-around the world.

Embracing the green philosophy and using post-consumer plastic, we created entirely environmentally sustainable swimwear.

Our swimsuits are even more resistant to the chlorine found in swimming pools and to sunscreens, as well as being ten times less deformable than swimwear made using traditional fabrics.

We respect the world


White Tiger India

The White Tiger is a carnivore mammal belonging to the felidae family. It is the biggest of the so called "great felines" that constitute the Panthera genus.

Like many other tigers, the white tiger has become endangered too because of deforestation, and because of massive hunting for being considered dangerous.

Polar Bear North Pole

The Polar Bear is a great carnivore mammal of the Ursidae family. It is a species found around the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean and it's the biggest mainland carnivore on our planet.

Because of the rise of the average temperatures they might be the first mammals to loose completely their natural habitat.

Rhinoceros Africa and Asia

Rhinoceros appeared on Earth about 40 million years ago and they spread through Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Today of the 30 species that once lived, only 5 remain and they are found in Asia and Africa.

The existance of these magnificent and peaceful animals is menaced by rhinoceros horns trade.

Elephant Africa and India

The Elephant is one of the biggest mainland mammals now alive, famous for their long trunk and for their tusks.

The ivory trade as well as deforestation are bringing elephants to the verge of extinction. An estimated 20.000 african elephants are killed each year by poachers.

Sea Turtle Seas and Oceans

Marine turtles are reptiles that have perfectly adapted to marine life, thanks to the elongated shape of their body which is covered by a strong shell and for the presence of "paws" transformed into fins.

They are seriously menaced by human activities, such as the intense tourism affectiv their natural breeding grounds and accidental fishing.

Green Sustainability

Our Philosophy

Besides giving a new life to recycled materials, the production process itself is characterized by low energy and water usage and low Co2 emissions.

The style of the collection reinforces the message we wish to convey with nature inspired prints, references to endangered species and soft shades of color.

OXYDE is dedicated to modern and conscious consumers actively living their time, and it is offered at a very affordable price.

We have achieved the aim to create an entirely eco-friendly garment.

When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.

Chief Seattle

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves

David Orr

I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.

Andy Warhol
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